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Purple lipstick may just be the winter 2013/2014 beauty trend.  In honor of the vampy hue, here are some tips and suggestions for applying and finding the perfect shade for you.

When applying lipstick, always start with a well moisturized lip.  If your lipstick tends to flake during the day, or your lips are dry, brush them with a dry toothbrush to remove any dead skin cells.  Then moisturize well.  All chap sticks are not created equal.  Most are petroleum derived and can actually dry out your lips over time.  My favorite is the LipDrink from Jane Iredale.  It contains carrot seed and avocado oil to naturally hydrate the delicate skin on our lips.


After hydrating, apply a lip pencil on the outside edges of the lips, then slowly gradating towards the center.  You want your lip pencil within a shade or two of your desired lip color, but an exact match is not necessary.

If you are going for an extremely matte look, you could fill in the entire lip with your lip pencil and stop there.  My favorite vampy purple lip pencil is Nightmoth from MAC.


Once the lip pencil is applied, fill in lips with a lip stain.  Lip stains are less likely to flake and rub off throughout the day, so for bold colors, this is necessary.  I love Stila’s Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick.  I usually use a matte shade, like Dusty Rose.


Then, and this is the crucial part, before the lip stain dries, apply your desired shade of lip stick OVER the stain to the entire lip.  Blot with a tissue, and viola!  A beautiful bold lip, that is sure to last you all day or night.

Finding the perfect shade of lipstick is not easy, and as most cosmetic companies do not design their colors to match every skin tone.  I find the best results when layering two or more shades of lipstick.

Suggestions for purple lips:

Makeup Forever Rouge Artist N50


Illamasqua Lipstick Control


MAC Cyber


MAC Film Noir


MAC Up the Amp



Be creative when mixing shades, and strut your inner dark side!