Welcome to My Blog!

Our Florida trip

Hello everyone, and welcome to my blog! This is my very first blog so please bear with me for I am learning as I go. Ever since I was little, I have always loved writing anything from diaries to essays and to even short stories so I figured why not try a new platform. I would love to write about anything and everything, but for now, this blog in particular is going to be a lifestyle blog. I will specifically cover all things beauty, fashion, travel, and my life in general.

Since you will be reading about my life and interests, I thought I would talk this first post to introduce myself and give you a basis about me. First off, my name is Torri Davis, and I am twenty-six years old. I currently reside in Mississippi and have been for my entire life. I have a full time job but hope to do blogging as a hobby from now on. I got engaged last December to the most fantastic man and will be excited to keep the blog posted on those plans. We originally met in high school, but we didn’t exactly run in the same friend group. It actually wasn’t until after we graduated that he asked for my number and we got to know each other better. After one of our guy friends asked him for his number, he looked at me, nudged me arm, and said “you should be writing this down”. Thrown off, I didn’t get his number until later that night after I gathered up the courage to remind him that he never gave it to me. We officially started dating the summer before college and we have been together ever since. He has been my support for the last seven years and I wouldn’t know what to do without him.

Nala bear

I also have two beautiful dogs named Nala and Molly. Nala is a rescue golden retriever we found next door and decided to keep. She attached to me real fast and I honestly thought she was a boy at first. When I found her, she was all curled up into a ball and I had already said she was going to be mine so I wanted to name her Simba. However, when I realized she was a girl, I named her after Simba’s love interest instead.

Molly is a Siberian husky given to us by my cousin who moved over seas. She definitely lives up to the breed that is a crazy, derpy husky. I like to call her Ms. Houdini because she has escaped out of almost every fence I have put her into. However, I technically have six dogs in total because I live with my parents who have four mostly rescue dogs of their own as well. Their names are Clary, Adeboyjoe, peanut, and Max. All of which have their own very different personalities of their own. Add my younger brother into the mix and we have quite a household.

As far as my interests go, they cover quite a wide range of subjects. I very much enjoy all things beauty and skincare.This was something that sparked my interest in late high school and early college with the emergence of beauty vloggers such as Glam and Gore, and Zoella. It’s crazy how a good skincare routine can transform your skin and make putting on your makeup an easier and much smoother process. Fashion is something I have just recently gotten into. I used to hate dresses and heels, but now I put so much more effort into picking out clothes to better fit me and also add some flair. Since I have lived in one place for most of my life, I am absolutely interested in traveling anywhere and everywhere. My family and I have many trips planned that I will for sure be writing about. My ultimate goal is to be able to go to Japan and Korea for my honeymoon. It has been the trip of a lifetime for my fiance and I.

My Bday 2019

On the other hand, I can be geeky along with also being girly. One of my favorite hobbies and destressers is playing video games. I love everything from Assassin’s Creed to The Last of us, which are two of my favorite games and gaming series. Any movies and t.v. shows are obsessions for me. Harry Potter was the most important thing in my life at one point in time. I also enjoy watching animes such as Naruto, My Hero Academia, and Monster Musume. I actually will be creating a YouTube channel called Perplexed Gamer specifically for my other interest such as gaming and geeky things (if anyone is interested in that).

All in all, This blog will focus on all things life, beauty, fashion, and travel. The reason for the name Bewildered Beauty is because, as you know, the word bewildered means confused and perplexed. I wanted this word to be included in the title to show that I am not claiming to be an expert in any of these fields. Along with blogging, I am still learning beauty as I go. The purpose for this blog is to show you all my experiences and maybe it will help you with things you might not know about. Also, you guys can help my with things I don’t quite know in the comments as well. The plan is to post twice a week probably on Monday’s and again on Friday’s. If you want to keep up with me in between posts, my social media links are at the top of the page. Thank you for reading and I can’t wait to post more!

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