Ispy October Bag Review!

Hello everyone! I know I am a little late…okay maybe a lot late on this review post considering it is already November. However, to be fair, I was also late on the Ipsy trend to begin with, and this is my first official post. So cut me some slack! I started ispy when I got a promotional letter in the mail and after seeing the price, I decided to give it a shot. Even though it is my first Glam Bag, I am absolutely not disappointed. It is the perfect subscription for those like me who are interested in trying out new products on a cheaper budget. Each month, Ipsy sends out a cute, little makeup bag full of five or six items (some full size and some travel size). They have a few different price options and also bigger bags with more stuff in it if you want more or larger items. I got the cheapest bag to try out which is the regular Glam Bag.

This past month’s theme was Betty Boop and even came with the cutest sequined Bag with her face right on the front. Although I am not the biggest Betty Boop fan, the bag is one of the best things about this month’s package. Ipsy sends out all their Glam bags in pink delivery packages with the logo across the front. For October, I received five products that, according to Ipsy, are worth $50 or more. They also include a little card to tell you about each product and instructions for how to use it.

Onto the Items in the Bag!!

Benefit ‘They’re Real!’ Mascara

First item on the list is the Benefit Cosmetics ‘They’re Real!’ lengthening mascara in jet black. I was incredibly excited for this item in particular because I love the brand Benefit. I have used their eyebrow kits and pore creams before, and they are nothing short of amazing. Items such as this are great things to receive in a subscription since it is more of a high price range and to be able to try it for cheap makes it even better. I have been using this ever since it came in. The applicator has these tiny bristles which grab every lash and really lengthens them at the same time. If you have smaller eyes like me, this mascara opens them up and brings the attention to them. I personally go for a more natural look for everyday so I would probably use this for a more glam-ed up look. My only problem with it is that the product is very wet so I wipe off some of the excess back in the tube. Because I am not skilled in beauty, if there is a lot of product then I tend to make a mess when it isn’t dry yet. However, it is a great product and definitely worth a try. The size is more of a travel size at 0.14 oz while the full size is around 0.3 oz. However, this mini size alone would cost you about $13 in store so to try it at Ipsy along with many other products is a steal.

Murad Clarifying Cleanser

The next item I received was the Murad Clarifying Cleanser which is also in a miniature travel size. My favorite thing about this cleanser is that it has 1.5% salicylic acid and green tea extract because both are must need ingredients for those with annoying acne and sensitive skin such as myself. The consistency is interesting since it is a thick gel so it feels so smooth across your face. It also feels like it is dissolving through the dirt and oils in the skin. Plus, it smells like lemon, green tea which is a win in my book. After washing my face, my skin felt so clean and smooth. It recommends using this to wash your face AND neck. I have heard great things in the past before about Murad, but I had never actually tried their products. I am definitely going to have to try more from this brand. This travel size is 1.5 fl oz while the full size is 6.75 fl oz. The travel size costs $10 at Ulta and the full $30 at Sephora.

Hempz Triple Moisture Body Creme

The third product in the Glam Bag is the Hempz Triple Moisture Herbal Whipped Body Creme. This product is definitely going to be a must hand lotion for my purse! I was blown away by the creme as soon as I opened it. It has the most amazing smell of peach and grapefruit that I almost couldn’t stop smelling my hands. Fun fact about me: my favorite fruit and scent is peach and has been my whole life so I was completely swept away by the smell alone. I love that it is a creme because the texture feels so good against my skin. It will keep you hydrated the entire day. You can put this product on your whole body, but I like to use it as a hand lotion for my purse since it is the perfect size. Just like Murad; I have never tried any items from Hempz before, but I am very interested for sure. It has a thick consistency, but doesn’t feel greasy on your skin. If you are really into fruity scents, give this creme a shot. It seems that Hempz is more of a cheaper brand because the full size of this is 17 oz and only costs about $13. This travel size version is 2.25 oz and would cost $4. Not only does it feel amazing on the skin, but it is also cheap. Absolutely recommend.

Betty Boop X Ipsy Eyeliner

The fourth item is probably my favorite item out of the entire bag and that is the Betty Boop X Ipsy Drawn to You Eyeliner. Ispy partnered up with the iconic character brand to create their own special eyeliner. Not only does Ipsy give you cool items for cheap, but they have their own limited edition items as well. I am not going to lie; I was a little nervous about this product because I tried a similar precision applicator such as this one before and I think I just wasn’t patient enough before.


However, I love the applicator! It has a thin to thick applicator that is very precise and full of product so you don’t have to keep applying like regular eyeliner pencils. I have converted and I will never go back to a pencil again. It is perfect for those cat-eye flicks that are on trend and even other styles as well. I have inserted a picture above to show how I used it on my eyes. You can make nice thin lines or go for a more dramatic bigger look. This is also the first full size product in the bag so Ipsy didn’t cheat us out with a small limited edition item. If you are into Betty Boop or even just great eyeliners, this item is perfect. As far as price, I think you can only get it as a Betty Boop Collector’s Set for $39.99 with other products included or you might can find it separately on EBay.

Space Case Highlighter

Last but certainly not least is the Space Case Cosmetics Highlighter in Seen From Space. I had never heard of Space Case before receiving my Ipsy bag, but I was very interested in the packaging. This highlighter comes in a cute box with a spaceship shooting out rainbows on the front. The little pod it comes in is easy to travel with and has another spaceship it as well. I like the highlighter a lot. It is a very pretty nude color with small shimmery pieces in it. Although the color is beautiful, I would say it is a bit too dark for my incredibly pale skin. However, if you have tanner skin, this could definitely be the perfect highlighter for you. I does glow very nicely in the sunlight especially with its shimmer. It is also full size at 3.5g. This product is on Ipsy’s website to purchase separately for $9 and free shipping.

Overall, I was not disappointed by my first Ipsy Glam Bag and will absolutely be keeping my subscription to try other great products. When originally went to sign up for Ipsy, I first had to take a beauty quiz so they could personalize the products in the bag for me. You can tell them what items you are more interested in receiving and which categories you don’t want. They also ask questions such as your skin tone and style so they can match your personality. I left myself pretty open to any products so I could get a good variety of things to try out. I get the regular Glam Bag once a month for $12 that I can cancel at any point in time. They have other subscriptions such as the Glam Bag Plus ($25 with 5 full-size products) and the Glam Bag Ultimate ($50 for 12 products). I definitely recommend trying out their subscriptions and hope you enjoy them! I actually will be receiving November’s bag fairly soon since I was late on this post so make sure to look out for it! Thank you for reading, and I will see you next time!

PS: My fiance thoroughly enjoyed the Betty Boop Bag as well!

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