Birthday and Updates!

Hello everyone! This post is going to be shorter than my last two, but it is mainly just filling you in on what has been going on and what is coming up. This past Friday, on November 8th, was my twenty-sixth birthday! It was hard to believe I am already halfway through my twenties! For this year, all I wanted was to go out for dinner and see a movie so that is exactly what my fiancé planned for me.

It took much thought, but I finally decided to see the Harriet Tubman movie. Since my birthday was on a Friday this year, there were many movies either already out or premiering on that day. The choice was between Last Christmas and Harriet Tubman which obviously are two very different movies. However, I finally chose to wait for the Christmas movie for later in the season. Also, my fiancé and brother went with me so I figured they would like the history movie more. Turns out I chose very well because Harriet Tubman was great! I have heard about her since I was little, but to see her story come to life made even more bad-ass than it sounds. Not only did she trek hundreds of miles to escape slavery alone, but she also went back and saved others. She even led her own military unit in the Civil War. For her bad-ass story alone, this movie is a definite must see.

As for food, my two favorite fast food places are Arby’s and Popeye’s, so we ended up going to Arby’s for their amazing beef and cheddars. Overall, I am not a picky, boujee lady so I wanted something really simple. Plus, I am quite a movie buff and have always loved going to the theater to see movies. I think it is more of an atmosphere vibe that I rather enjoy about it. Honestly, it felt like I was celebrating my birthday all day. At work, my coworkers surprised me with breakfast, cake, and cookies. The cake was the best part all chocolaty and rich. I ate off it pretty much the whole weekend. To top it all off, I was off Monday so I had a nice three day weekend.

Although I had a great birthday, it was a little bittersweet. Coming home from the movies on Friday, I hit a poor massive armadillo which I didn’t really think about it doing anything to me vehicle. I just felt so bad about the armadillo, so I kept going and made it home. The next day my fiancé went to back out of the driveway in my car and all I heard was a loud pop noise. As he pulled through, the tire was completely flat. Upon further investigation, not only was the tire flat but both my front tires had almost no tread on them either. Needless to say, I had to buy tires for my birthday present to myself. What a great present. Honestly as you all get to know me, you will find out real fast that I have some of the worst luck especially with cars. Earlier this year, I had a car wreck on my fiancé’s birthday. The other driver didn’t have his lights on at night, and I went to cross when he slammed into the back of my car, which ended up totaling my vehicle. Hopefully, this 2019 unfortunate car curse will end by next year, but we will see!

Closing out the birthday part of this post, I also have some updates for you guys to look forward to and plan for. Today, the family and I are leaving for Disney World! I am so excited! With this trip will come many Disney travel post in the next few weeks. I figured I would alternate between a Disney post and a regular post each week to mix it up some. Hopefully, no one will get tired of reading about Disney World! In light of this, my next two posts might be late since we will be getting back Tuesday night at around eight or nine o’clock. I am sorry for this delay, but just know I will be taking many photos and notes for the future posts! Thank you so much for reading! I will see you next in the next

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