Day One: Epcot MY Disney Experience

Hello everyone! I am finally back from my Disney trip! It was so much fun, and I was honestly so sad to have to leave. I went to Disney World when I was very young so immediately I noticed so much has changed recently. With the Pandora park and the very new Galaxy’s Edge, there were plenty of worlds and rides to soak in. For today, I am going to give you all a run down of the rides and experiences at Epcot because there is so much to talk about in total. So keep a look out for the rest of the park posts as I am dividing each post into a Disney series including Epcot, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, and Magic Kingdom! Also, I will talk of fast passes and wait times as tips for your future Disney vacation. Each park is rather big so everywhere around Disney you can find maps for reference.

Rides and Attractions

Our very first day in the park was spent at Epcot! This turned out to be a great decision because we left from Mississippi at 7 p.m. and arrived to Orlando at about 8 or 9 a.m. the next day. After all the travel, it was nice to go to Epcot since there aren’t many rides so we could walk around and enjoy the scenery. Epcot is more of an experience around the world with many different countries including Japan, Mexico, France, etc. We only went on three rides which I think is almost all the ones they have. These rides are much more for kids so if you have some little ones, they will enjoy each of them without being scared.

Out of all the rides in each of the Disney parks, Spaceship Earth was by far the most disappointing in my opinion. I actually don’t remember this ride the first time I came so I don’t know if it is new or not. However, it was a pretty basic ride that took passengers in a cart through time to see the evolution of humanity and its journey to the moon. As you go through the ride, there are different scenes of Egypt, Rome, and modern day society all the way up to the first flight into space. The ride is very slow and honestly uninteresting, but it would be an easy one to take small kids on. At the end, there was a whole room full of stars circling around Earth, which was a pretty site. If you are looking for a more grown up ride, this one could definitely be skipped.

The next ride we all went on was the longstanding Soarin’ attraction. I fully remember participating in this one the first time I came to the park. Honestly, it hasn’t changed a bit other than I think some of the scenes in the video might be a little different. This was still an entertaining ride where you are strapped into a chair along with about three other rows of people. Then you and everyone else are lifted from the floor and placed in front of a giant screen. It is similar to those 4D rides where as you are soaring over different countries, your chair moves to mimic the flight. There is also wind and smells to make you feel as if you are actually flying. This is also another ride good for children, but it is actually entertaining for the adults as well. Although it is a rather smooth ride, if your child is afraid of heights then it could possibly be a problem.

The last ride we participated in Epcot was the incredibly popular Frozen ride, which you might need a Fastpass for. Even though Frozen is a kid movie, I thoroughly enjoyed this ride. Everyone is in passenger carts going through Olaf’s version of the original story. This does include seeing animatronics of each of the characters and also songs from the movie itself. This one was relatively smooth for kids, but there is a part where Elsa pushes the cart with her powers and you are shot backwards. However, it wasn’t fast enough to scare any children. I personally love the Frozen movie so I wasn’t disappointed.

Overall, there are very few rides at Epcot. I think the only ones we missed were Journey into Imagination and the “What if” labs. Epcot is good if you are looking for a slow rides, lots of food, and cool cultures kind of a day.

Food and Snacks

As far as food goes, I would highly suggest going to Epcot during the Food and Wine Festival. I personally didn’t participate because I sadly forgot about it. However, there was plenty enough things to fill your day off of the festival alone. When you enter the park, Disney employees were handing out passport booklets with stickers for the food. They had food stands set up with food from other cultures not already included in Epcot such as Morocco, Jamaica, and Africa. If you are a big foodie and love some wine, keep an eye out for the Food and Wine Festival!

Even without the presence of the festival, there is still plenty of food and alcohol to try from different countries. You have choices such as shaved ice from Japan to German sausage. I went pretty basic for my snack and got the iced pumpkin bundt cake. I should have been more adventurous, but I needed something quick to eat at the time. It is a seasonal item so I won’t guarantee it will be there for you. However, it was a delicious, sugary mess. It has icing on top of icing on top of sweet pumpkin cake, so if sweets if your thing, then go for it.

As you walk through Epcot, there is more than just snack stands. The park is full of quick service areas and restaurants. For lunch, we decided on Mexican because I was starving and it was the first place I saw. Also, I really love Mexican food! The place was called La Cantina, and it is on the left once you enter Epcot. I personally got the grande nacho, and it definitely filled me up. It was a pile of chips, beans, beef, and queso. By the way, they have fantastic queso! So if you are wanting something quick and easy, stop by La Cantina.

For dinner, we stopped in Japan for some much needed hibachi at Mitsukoshi. As a part of your meal plan, you get two snacks, a quick service, and a table service, which honestly includes a lot depending on where you go. At Mitsukoshi, I got the Tori entree which was steamed rice, vegetables, chicken, and a house salad. I also thought it was funny that my meal was named after me. For my drink, I ordered a coconut pina colada, which was probably the best one I have ever had. You almost couldn’t taste the alcohol, which is a win in my book. Our table service even came with a dessert so I chose the chocolate ginger mousse cake. I was a bit concerned about the ginger, but it really added to the moist, delicious cake. They also put a candle in it, gave us a chef’s hat, and sang for mine and my dad’s birthday. Overall, I really enjoyed eating at the Mitsukoshi restaurant.

I spent all of my money for the day in China and Japan. I wish I remembered the names of the gift shops, but they are both massive. It would be pretty hard to miss them. While in China, there was a ton of items I wanted, but I kept myself under control thankfully! I bought the most beautiful kimono I have ever seen. It was a pink, silky fabric with designs of palaces and people. Surprisingly, it was only $39. They had more expensive ones, but they also had clearances ones too. The next item I bought was a purple fan, which comes in many colors and designs. They even write your name in Chinese characters for free, which I was so excited for.

My last two purchases were made at the also massive Japan gift shop right downstairs from the hibachi restaurant. They have everything you could ever imagine would be in a Japanese shop. There are traditional stuff, anime, characters, and Hello Kitty. As tempting as everything was, I made it out with only two items. The first item I bought was a cute pair of blue chopsticks with cherry blossoms on them. They had plenty of chopsticks made out of different materials in many styles depending on what you want. I want to say these were only $4 for such a great pair! The last item I bought was some peach mochi. If you have never had the pleasure, you must go here and purchase some mochi for yourself. They have any and all flavors possible to choose from. I chose peach because peaches are my all time favorite fruit and I wasn’t disappointed. They were delicious and fluffy with marshmallow and peach substance on the inside.

Before I go, I want to shed light on a beautifully lit up store that could easily be missed based on its exterior. In Mexico, there is a huge ruin standing tall in the center and there is a store on the inside. The store is themed similarly to the Coco movie, and it was gorgeous. They have the lighting seem like a dark night sky above a street market full of multicolored lights and streamers. It was crazy to think this was hidden inside, and I didn’t even realize you could actually go inside at first. It has painted ceramic animals, t-shirts, Day of the Dead mickey ears, and much more. Do not forget to at least walk in and feast your eyes on the beauty of this store!

All and all, Epcot was quite a fun, relaxed adventure compared to the other parks. It isn’t as big as the rest so if you are traveling, this would be a great first day stop just to ease you into the trip. There is definitely more shopping and food than rides, but I still absolutely recommend going in and finding some amazing souvenirs for back home. Also, it would be a perfect time to learn about and try food from the many cultures surrounding the Epcot ball. Pro tip: take your time and don’t rush this one! There is plenty of time to get it all in before the day is over. Also, for more pictures, please check out my Instagram and Facebook links at the top! I will see you guys for the next one! Thank you for reading!

2 thoughts on “Day One: Epcot MY Disney Experience

  1. There is so much mis-information in this blog. Maybe you need to go to Epcot a few more times. I would suggest taking this blog down. I don’t even have enough time to point out how much wrong info is in this.


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