Ipsy November Bag Review!

Hello everyone! As a birthday present to myself, I have decided to keep Ipsy! I really enjoyed their selections last time, and I am so excited to tell you all about this month’s bag. As a disclaimer, I write these posts after I have tried the products not when they first come in. This month’s bag wasn’t late. I just wanted to give myself time to try it all out. I received November’s bag around the 15th of this month. There was also an extra item, and I was so confused. However, I finally remembered that I ordered my first bag after I got a card with a code to get a free item when I signed up. Before you jump into ordering, see if you can wait until you get one of these offers.

Similar to last time, Ipsy sends a folded card with all the information for each item in the bag. This month’s bag is a beautiful, pink cheetah print design, and it almost feels luxurious like leather. There’s also a brown tassel attached to a rose gold colored zipper. Rose gold has been an obsession of mine for a long time so this bag is perfect for me! As usual, there were five item so let’s jump into it!

The first item in my bag was the Belif Moisturizing Eye Bomb. As soon as I saw this was for your eyes, I already knew I was going to love this bag. I tend to get puffy, dark under eye circles so any item for my eyes is exactly what I want. This item is specifically for hydration and fine lines, which I have gotten from years of being too rough with my eyes. Don’t use anything on your eyes that would involve tugging or pulling! I’ve been using the eye cream for about a week, and it is so nice. It is so lightweight that it almost feels like a gel. It’s so smooth it glides over your skin and provides great hydration. Pro tip: put items for your eyes such as this in your fridge! The cooling feel will help reduce puffy eyes. I haven’t been using it enough to notice the reduction of fine lines, but it does provide moisture, which prevents wrinkles. Also, Belif is actually a Korean skincare line. I have such an interest in Korean skincare because it is one of the leading beauty products in the world. Maybe one of these days I’ll do a whole post about their products. I received the mini size of about 0.17 fl oz, which retails for about $8 on Amazon. The full size is 0.84 fl oz for $48. For that price, I am happy to try this out in a bag for $12!

The second product I received was the It Cosmetics Confidence in a Cream. I have heard many great things about the It Cosmetics brand, but I haven’t had the pleasure of trying it. However, this moisturizer is fantastic! Unlike the eye bomb, the Confidence cream is thick, which concerned me at first. Although it is thick, it’s very smooth and isn’t too thick to put on before your makeup. As the front label says, it is super moisturizing and lasts just about all day. I have combination skin so my forehead and cheeks are oily, and my nose is incredibly dry. Surprisingly, it is pretty good for both skin types without clogging up your pores. The card says it has a lot of amazing ingredients such as vitamin E, collagen, and shea butter. To include shea butter as an ingredient is a win for me because I have always loved using it in lotion to quench my bone dry skin. Plus, shea butter is one of my favorite scents after peach, of course! It also has anti-aging prevention. The one in my bag is a travel size around 0.24 fl oz for $20 at Walmart. The full size is 2 fl oz costing $48 on the It Cosmetics website.

The third item in my bag was the Pixi by Petra Mesmerizing Mineral Duo in Naturally Nude. I knew Pixi did skincare, but I thought that was all they made. I had no idea they dabble in makeup as well. After using the eye shadows, I need to check out more of their makeup line. Since receiving this item, I have used it probably everyday as a part of my work makeup routine. The colors are beautiful and have a tiny bit of shimmer for that extra pop. Of course, the light rose gold color was a must for me, but I thought the gold copper shade would be too dark for my liking. However, I love these colors together and honestly think they would fit any skin tone. Put a little gold copper on the outer corner, the rose gold over the rest of the eye lid, and you are all set! Even though it is only two shades, you can dull it down for everyday or vamp it up for a more glamorous, night out look. This Pixi eye shadow duo is at full size and was made exclusively for Ipsy’s November bag although their other different duo shades cost about $8 or $10. This is just another reason why I love Ipsy because they have special, exclusive items such as this one and the Betty Boop eyeliner from last month’s bag.

Item number four was the Color Club Nail Polish in Rocky Mountain High. I was very surprised when I opened the little box to see the color. It is a rich, pretty burgundy red color that I like very much. Thankfully, it is a little bit lighter than it looks in the pot. However, the color is too dark for me personally. I’m just so used to always wearing light polish colors such as pinks and nudes. Although the color is growing on my as I wear it, I still feel it isn’t right for me. But if you love darker shades, this polish is definitely for you. It glides on easy and seems to dry pretty fast. Normally, I’m hobbling around on the heels of my feet trying not to ruin the polish, I had no problem with this Color Club one. The polish is in fact a full size product which retails for about $6 or $7 at Walmart.

Last but certainly not least, the final item in my bag this month was the SL MISS GLAM tapered face brush in P62. I haven’t heard of the Youtuber Stephanie Lewis who made these brushes, but I’m curious to check out her channel. She does beauty and lifestyle type of videos. However, I am obsessed with this beautiful brush! It is sparkly and blue which is my favorite color. It also has the blue rhinestones on gold; two great combinations. The brush is soft and feels nice against my skin. I personally use it for patting concealer even though it says best used for powder. It works really well and is easy to clean. I love it when beauty brands make stylish brushes. It makes putting on your makeup a bit more fun. Out of all the items, this one was probably my absolute favorite item. I knew as soon as I saw it at the bottom of the bag. The brush is also a full size item costing about $18, which is subjective because her brushes come in a set for a total of $54.

As a bonus for signing up, I received an extra item in the packaging, which was the Violet Voss fun sized eye shadow palette. I had honestly forgotten about it and thought maybe I didn’t sign up with the promotion correctly. So if you haven’t gotten your extra item with the first bag, it could definitely be in the second one. The palette itself might be fun sized but the eye shadows aren’t. The palette opens up to ten gorgeous shades and a nice travel size mirror. The shades include light pinks and even darker rosy colors. It even has some browner colors as well. The looks are endless with this type of palette from everyday to date night. There are many color tones to choose from out of just one package. I could definitely see myself getting a lot of use out of this product! Get the promotion bonus item! They are so worth it. I mean this item alone in store is about $18 at Sephora, and you can get it for free just by signing up.

Overall, I very much enjoyed this month’s bag! I was really surprised I didn’t get a repeat item from the first bag. All the items were different types of products that I have gotten to try out for cheap every month. For those of you who are new, Ipsy has a few different options depending on your budget, but I get the cheapest one for about $12. This Glam Bag includes a cute, little bag filled with five or six items in various sizes. Compared to the retail prices of each item, you could be spending up to $60 to try these sames items that you could get in a bag for $12 a month. This is also not including the bag it comes in either. Definitely give Ipsy a check if you are interesting in trying out new beauty products. I can’t wait to see you for next month’s bag! I hope it will be Christmas themed! Thank you for reading and I will see you later!

PS: Ipsy is having a Black Friday event on their website!!

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